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at the history of those years with fritz maytag in the 70s. and i was in law school during that time. i won't tell you how much beer i drank, being a cal-berkeley guy. but larry, i compare what the giants went through in their history and anchor, and you see similarities. we almost lost both companies and then that he:-- then they rebounded. and they are in fantastic growth. and they are both in my opinion, you are made in san francisco, you are the anchor of this. a large manufacturer. but i also associate with you giants. because they are the manufacturer of the world series championship. that's a great combination. you will be able to create additional jobs here in the shed and pier. and again monique and i talked about how to get investments on the piers. if you know the history of this pier and along with the other piers. we had to kind of settle for warehouse of different companies or government agencies. they were the warehouses. and that's what president ho has been struggling with. how do we get our real estate on the port to be activated and bringing down people. and that's what o
coming out will need aappliances they sell kitch kitchen-aid and maytag products. they were up better than 3% today one. >> one of the stars of the market was ww granger. it sells equipment and supplies to other companies and institutions. their first quarter improved by 13% and led the s&p 500 gaining 7.5%. that works out to $16 to $241 a share. >>> and gold prices regained a bit of their glitter today, up $26 an ounce but that is coming off the biggest one day drop in prices in 33 years on monday. with prices falling $140. if you own gold, even old jewelry that you are thinking of selling for cash. you may be wondering if now is the time to sell. jane wells takes us to a california company, where prices for gold and silver are creating a rush of customers. >> we have 23 kilos and 365 eagles. it's late afternoon at the investment company where customers are buying or selling gold and silver. >> volatility brings them in. they need to act now. he is a partner in the gold dealing, >> until the recent drop, that was the end of last week, beginning of this week, i would say that we were
crimes cases. i want to be, for those of you over 50, remember that maytag commercial, the guy is sitting there waiting for that phone to ring? i want to be that room. i want to have nothing to do. i want to take my niece up on her offer to golf at the present side owe because i want to have time on my hands. but we see this headwind of intolerance that is a growth industry, i real estate gret to tell you. we see it manifested in our hate crimes practice, so many cases involving teenagers who have been recruited at a young age to desecrate mosques, to do so many other unspeakable things in communities across this country. so we have to get to work and we
members are supposed to have office hours. all lots of office hours we feel like the lonely maytag repair man but that is why it may to i was so great he had no business. because now they can e-mail you 24/7 some people use i amr text but they don't have to show up. but now they do expect to have an answer immediately so if i get an answer 2:00 in the morning in my clear about this assignment if i wait until monday to respond when evaluations, it will say does not respond to saddam. one of the big changes is a don't physically show up and which is the structure that is different the third is a lack of understanding if you talk with someone face-to-face teaching courses online is another story but the things that have been in the exchange that would not happen if i am typing or only hearing your voice it is a different dynamic and the new dynamic with the fact it is practiced to the detriment of students because i have a chance to come up with the idea by looking at the disappointment or something else going on in your life that stops you from doing your assignments. i cannot do that so th
.39. there were numbers that beat the street, maytag, cut costs, price increases, all good news for whirlpool, but durable goods numbers came in weak taking them down along with this. as far as the major market averages, down arrow for the dow, and nasdaq down. mixed market at the moment. ashley: a see if there's a lot of action in the last hour. thank you. >> more now on the battle over faa furloughs and flight delays. house committee drilling the chief accusing the agency of using the sequester as a scapegoat for the delays. republican congressman of pennsylvania is on the panel and joins us now. congressman, so glad you are with us. i have to mention up front that we have a lot in common here. the furloughs, flight delays, i've been traveling for as many years as i've been alive, and there's delays. what are they talking about? >> well, first, thank you for having me on the show. well, first, we had administrator in front of the subcommittee this morning, and it was clear to me that failure here is there was no notification. the faa blind sided various stake holders, blind sided the airlin
may,tag of e or but we basal ve inducements to retire as we did in the '90s. the same amount ofone that isn't much of an incentive the d if we have tomac reshaping of the of work force having the latitude to induce people to the fort and careers in government government, it is crucial and something we did not do very well in the late 90's and we continue to bring on new people and a new blood and new energy rather than let the work force age out. >> just to add specifically over 10 years we have gone roughly 25% work-force of employees in their 20's and '30's to 50%. what i am afraid that those young people many of which, over 6,000 have deployed to iraq and afghanistan will feel the life that they have decided to dedicate themselves for the defense of our country country, they will walk away from this and i am concerned about that. there is a lot of uncertainty especially talking to these young people in our organization and i think it is unfair. >> thank you both gentleman for your service and testimony today. >> know i will call on senator gloom and es e if you are done adjourn
this morning and he wanted to see governor christie. i don't blame him for that. >> he is like a maytag repair man out there! look at willie geist out there! unbelievable! someone save willie! >> a couple of dogs and a couple of clam boats is about all we got out here this morning. governor, i want to ask you because the story where you are not unlike the story here which is that there are resilient people, of course, but they are hurting. i'm wondering what you say as a governor and a man when you put your arm around somebody whose house is washed away and doesn't know what their life looks like tomorrow or the year after that, what do you say to those people? >> first, you just embrace them and let them know -- i say to people, we will not forget you and that nothing is going to get fixed overnight and people know that. but i tell people we haven't forgotten them and the most important thing. i think what most people are scared they will be forgotten. i say -- don't make promises you can't keep. i say we will work hard to get them back in their homes and when we do their lives will get back
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)